This is my corner on Neocities. Stay a bit, and you might find something interesting. It is still a work in progress, and I will continue to add more things as I go along.

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Delicious Game Jams

Wednesday, 18 Jan 2023

Turns out I'm terrible at keeping up with a blog. Who would've guessed.

Anyway! If you're a game developer or just wanna check out some quirky indie games, please visit Experimental Game Jams. A monthly game jam focused on finding new and interesting gameplay mechanics as well as having fun!!! It's created by the wonderful Scarbyte. Myself and a few others will be participating, hopefully creating some fun little games and learning along the way. I hope you'll check it out.

More New Pages

Sunday, 10 April 2022

I've restructured my links page to be more consistent with my other pages. Having colorful images on there was bugging me quite a bit so it's been simplified. You can check out the discord page to join some of the Discord servers that I'm in.

I've also been working on a page that would allow me to share some albums that I like, and I wanted the page to be able to play songs as well. A friend of mine showed me Webamp which is a JavaScript version of Winamp that works entirely in your brower. I think it's super cool, and using Webamp I'm able to make the page super interactive! It should be up and running at /jukebox/ so go visit and check out some of the music on there.

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Here's one of my favorite songs that you can listen to on YouTube:

Anyway, make sure you look at the album cover, that's all for now.

About, Links Pages Updated

Thursday, 24 March 2022

I have updated some of the stuff on my about and links pages. Ctrl + F5 to make sure you don't have an old version still cached. There is now a lot more info about this website, a button wall, and a few more Discord servers you can check out.

I'm also currently working on a page that will be an interactive showcase of some of the music that I enjoy and would like to share with others. Hoping to get that finished soon! In the mean time, you can visit my and see some the music I've been listening to.

Midterm exams are almost over as well so I should be able to work on this website even more in a couple weeks. I've got some cool ideas that I would love to share with everyone.

Also, I figured out a decent system for organizing multiple pages with different styles so I will try to experiment with different looks and create a bunch of wild looking pages. The main ones will remain simple and maintain a consistent accessible style, but other more "fun" ones may not be as restrained.

That's all for today, stay well.

Creating a Blog (Attempt 3)

Saturday, 12 March 2022

I originally created this Neocities page in November of 2021, and filled it with some rather boring stuff. I tried to get a few of my friends to also make their own pages in the hopes that their work would inspire me to find more things to put on my page. Unfortunately, that never happened and then this page just sat here for a few months.

Recently, however, I've found the motivation to redo my page once again, and hopefully I will be able to fill it with better things! Things that you can look at and click on and maybe find quirky or interesting.

Please explore a little, and let me know if the website is crap. I will do my best to keep updating it with interesting things whenever I can.