Resources and tools which I personally use and recommend as well as some others which I think look interesting.


  1. Audacity — Open-source multi-track audio editor.
  2. Blender — Open-source 3D modeling and computer graphics program.
  3. Firefox — My preferred web browser.
  4. FFmpeg — CLI program for handling video and audio files.
  5. FileZilla — Open-source FTP client and server software;
  6. Godot — Open-source video game engine capable of creating 2D and 3D games.
  7. Handbrake — Open-source video transcoder.
  8. Inkscape — Open-source vector graphics editor.
  9. ImageMagick — CLI program for editing images in a variety of formats.
  10. Mullvad — Open-source VPN service based in Sweden.
  11. MusicBee — Awesome little music player with lots of features.
  12. Olive — Open-source video editor similar to Premiere Pro.
  13. OBS Studio — Open-source screencasting and streaming program.
  14. qBittorrent — Open-source BitTorrent client.
  15. TrenchBroom — Level editor for Quake-engine based games, can also be used with Godot.
  16. Visual Studio Code — Free code editor for Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  17. VLC Media Player — Open-source multimedia player.
  18. yt-dlp — Download YouTube videos from the command line.


  1. — Online video compressor just under 8 MB.
  2. Bloom3D — 3D editor in your browser.
  3. GitHub — Free internet hosting for software development using Git.
  4. Goatcounter — Easy web analytics. No tracking of personal data.
  5. Hacker News — Computer science focused social news feed.
  6. Ninite — Download a wide selection of useful programs all at once.
  7. Open Font Library — Free (as in freedom) catalogue of fonts.
  8. VG Resource — Various resources for video games assets like models, textures, and sounds.
  9. Wikipedia — The greatest collection of information known to man.

Browser Extensions

  1. Greasemonkey — Simple manager for scripts which can modify the pages you visit.
  2. uBlock Origin — Adblocker, simple as.
  3. Sponsorblock — Skip sponorships in YouTube videos.